Netflix set to embarrass uncooperative ISPs?ISPs probably don’t have that many fans, but things could get worse for them if Netflix goes ahead with its threat. The company’s CEO has said that it’s inappropriate for Internet service providers to require the company to pay all the costs of delivering streaming video to a subscriber’s home, stating that it’s only fair for ISPs to accept some of the financial burden, since the it’s the ISP’s customers who have requested for Netflix content. He mentioned that he hasn’t received enough cooperation from ISPs and Netflix is planning to publish statistics about which ISPs are the best at delivering Netflix content.

Considering how popular Netflix is, such a statistic could be damming for many ISPs. While the list isn’t out yet, if you’re working at Charter Communications, the good news is that it’s the top performing ISP according to Netflix, so you shouldn’t have to worry about suddenly losing your job (unless you’re doing something else that is wrong). Do you think that the burden of streaming the video over to you should be borne by Netflix, or shared by ISPs?

Publisher‘s note: by the way, we’re paying for the #$^& bandwidth, and the last time I checked, my Comcast contract is metered (300GB/mo), so what are ISPs complaining about?

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