N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

Netgear N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

[CES 2011] The Netgear N600 is the “ultimate” router in Netgear’s offering and offers neat features like Clea Channel Selector: a technology that continuously seeks the clearest WiFi channel: this could be handy in a crowded condominium. Most competitors do a one-time search at install-time, but the Netgear N600 will continue to seek at regular interval, just in case things change on the network.

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It is also possible to attach a USB drive and share it on the network with the ReadyShare feature. The previous version of ReadyShare worked only on the home network, but no it’s also possible to share your content with others on the Internet. But files is not the only thing that The N600 router can share: what about Printers? With ReadyShare Printer it’s possible to share a USB printer, and that might even work with scanners too.Finally, Netgear has added Stream HD, a technology that reduces the bandwidth of HD content that is transferred over the network. We haven’t yet read the white paper that explains how Stream HD works, but it’s probably worth checking it out to see how much bandwidth it would save.

The N600 is really feature-packed, and the spec sheet is quite impressive. Among the other features, you can find: Tivo Storage, Netgear Genie (network management helper), Apple Time Machine support, Parental control at the gateway level (handles all the computers), guest network and much more… This is truly one of the most interesting routers that we’ve seen to date.

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