Nike is updating its popular Nike+ GPS iPhone app with the addition of a virtual Tag game. Inspired from the traditional childhood game of tag, runners will compete against each other based on distance, time or who runs last, the goal is not to be IT.

From the Nike+GPS home screen , you’ll be able to access the game of tag with a button and invite friends to play via Nike+ social network or email. Tag begins when your friends have been invited, then you can choose the type of challenge you would like to play:
– Distance – Person who runs shortest distance is IT
– Time – Person who runs for the shortest amount of time is IT
– Order – Person to run last is IT
The game will continue until everyone has taken part, or up to three days, whichever comes first . The Nike+ GPS App monitors results, after the game of tag is over , invited runners get a message with results, including who was IT.

Nike is really getting into technology and digital entertainment to get people to run, check out the Nike SportWatch powered by TomTom that launched at CES.

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