Nikon D300s being phased out slowly

For those who swear by the brand of their digital cameras, this particular group of people tend to be fanatics instead of looking at the big picture. It isn’t only the case with digital cameras, but virtually everything else in the world – PC vs Mac users, Xbox 360 vs PS3 owners, and the list goes on. For today though, we will look at the Nikon D300s which shows signs of being phased out slowly – and that means a new model is in the works, naturally. Nikon Service Point Munchen, after all, is selling their Nikon D300s demo camera on eBay. What does that have to do with said camera being phased out? Well, Nikon Service Point Munchen has always been good money when it comes to indicating the future of products that will be discontinued. History shows that their D300 which was sold on eBay in 2009 was shortly followed by a D300s announcement. What do you think?

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