Nokia C7 not only makes calls but remotely pilots BMW

Nokia Asia has teamed up with a couple of these smart jocks – An Jiaxuan with his friend have come up with a way to change the way you look at the Nokia C7 in the future, as their particular handset have been modified to be able to remotely pilot a BMW car. Of course, this isn’t achieved simply by waving a magic wand around, as they need to create the software first and work on the code for 20 days. Once done, they will need to separately test the controls for 7 subjects from dolls and toys to digital devices like an air-conditioning unit. Isn’t that comforting for passengers to know that this system has been tested before the BMW drives out of the garage, right? We still wonder whether this self-discovery process might just change the way we drive cars in the future, but woe to you if you’re in the middle of a high speed chase and your phone runs out of battery – by then, your body might have lost its “memory” in driving to take over the wheel manually.

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