NoteSlate $99 touchscreen tablet with two-color display

Not all eBook readers are blessed with color and those that are normally cost a little more. What if you could get a color eBook reader for just $99? We’re talking about the NoteSlate, a touchscreen tablet that features a 13-inch 750 x 1080 pixel display, touted to be “eInk”, though there isn’t any confirmation if it’s the same E-Ink displays used on eBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle.

When this tablet is ready for prime time in June, you’ll be able to select from various models that offer a white background with black foreground or the other way around, or versions that offer text in green, blue or red. There is also a 4-color edition that combines all that, though we suspect it might cost a little more. Touch and pen input are both supported and it’ll offer over 180 hours of battery life. The initial release of this device will support simple drawing, storing of notes and also MP3 playback. A future version will include PDF and text viewing, with even newer versions touted to offer OCR handwriting recognition.

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