Nuance unveils mobile SDK for Dragon SpeechNuance has just rolled out a mobile SDK for Dragon Speech, where it will definitely go a long way in opening up speech input and text-to-speech output for iOS and Android apps, considering the fact that it includes access to their speech servers. With this, expect an explosion of voice enabled apps to come your way, although we are pretty sure that there will be issues with users who do not have English as their primary language. I still remember the difficulties I had with Brain Age all those years ago, where “Blue” and “Yellow” were extremely hard to register with the game. With Dragon Speech being a leader in this technology, iOS and Android users will hopefully have a better experience than I did – alongside being able to enjoy some of the more innovative hands-free apps in due time. For the eagle-eyed among you, surely the absence of Windows Phone 7 would have caught your attention, right?

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