[CES 2011] We’ve seen the Orbitsound T3 and T6 in the past years, but this time around the company from across the Atlantic has churned out the T14 soundbar, standing apart from the rest of the flotsam in the market thanks to Orbitsound’s renowned patented spatial stereo technology. This technology doesn’t require you to be in the sweet spot in order for your ears to enjoy the best possible audio quality, where the amplifier itself is smart enough to sense acoustic conditions, adjusting its performance accordingly in a seamless manner to the room – leaving you with little else to do but enjoy the party. Apart from that, the Orbitsound T14 also sports wireless network streaming to keep up with the times, letting you broadcast your music directly to the device sans a transmitter or wires via a remote ‘o-dock’ for iPod or iPhone.

One thing we noticed about the T14’s high gloss black lacquer finish is this – if you want something to look good in your living room without having to wipe off fingerprints from curious onlookers all too often, then give this a miss, as a matted surface would have served its purpose as well, if not better in terms of looking good. Minor gripe though, as we move on to what the T14 offers inside – six 2.5 “ full range high fidelity drivers, with an amplifier power of 120W RMS, 3.5mm stereo and RCA analogue jacks and inputs. Retailing for a cool $600, the Orbitsound T14 soundbar will be out in the global market not so soon – Q3 of 2011, to be exact. No word was given on why there is a delay, so stay tuned.

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