When it comes to computers, there is no failsafe security system at all, unless you just turn the computer off and there isn’t any way to physically tote away the hard drive or flash memory. Of course, that doesn’t mean one cannot come up with a brilliant security measure that even the best of hackers out there will find it a challenge to break into. Two researchers presenting at the Black Hat DC conference are currently parading an amusing new attack against laptops and smartphones which is initiated using the simple method of connecting a phone into a computer. This move will see the USB-connected smartphone appear to a host computer as a mouse or a keyboard instead of a phone, taking over the computer after that. This means the computer (which sounds pretty dumb) isn’t able to differentiate between an actual keyboard with real user input apart from a fake one, hence it is unable to prevent any exploitation. Imagine having the handset install malware to the PC which will then install said malware to any new phones hooked to it. Android hardware was the platform of choice when it came to launching the attack, but theoretically speaking, just about any smartphone can be used.

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