The R.Bot 100 lets your kids learn from home

R.Bot 100In today’s installment of robots we wished we had when we were younger, we have the R.Bot 100. The R.Bot 100 is a telepresence robot that can act as a stand in for someone who can’t be there. Users control the R.Bot 100 using a laptop or a smartphone with an installed app or simple web browser interface. With the use of headphones and a microphone, users can communicate through the robot and command it from the comfort of their home. Say in the case of a child who is bed-ridden from a sickness, it will allow him/her to still attend class and not miss a lesson until fully recovered. Since the robot is mobile, it can also move around and communicate with the kids’ friends. With a battery that lasts 8 hours, it should be more than enough for a full day of activity before it needs another charge. The best part about the R.Bot 100 is its price: the robot is said to cost no more than a high-end computer. With a price tag of $3,000 it’s hard to disagree. Head over to the R.Bot website for more details or hit the break to watch a video of the R.Bot 100 in action:

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