Going wireless is always a convenient thing, though it’s far from the safest approach. Many folks are just getting used to keyless car entry systems that allows you to enter the car as long as you have the security key fob on you and now researchers out there managed to trick 10 vehicle models from 8 manufacturers into thinking the car key fob was within proximity and drive away with these vehicles without having to break any windows.

While these vehicles emit a low-level signal that should only be detected by a key fob paired with the vehicle, researchers have found that antennas can work as repeaters to trick the vehicle system into thinking that the key fob is right outside the door. The trick required two antennas: one within 26-feet of the key fob and another near the vehicle. The antenna near the key fob will receive the signals and relay them to the other antenna near the vehicle, which is good enough to trick the car. Will this cause you to have second thoughts about installing a keyless entry system in the future?

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