Road train technology undergoes testing

Do you happen to live in a really congested area, where getting to work in itself is something that is a real struggle? Well, good thing there are boffins who want to make life better for the world, coming up with technology that will link vehicles into “road trains” which can travel as a semi-autonomous convoy. In fact, this idea has just undergone its first real world tests recently at Volvo’s test track in Sweden, where a solitary car was ‘slaved’ to a lorry to test the platooning system. With a train of cars right under the control of a lead driver, this might be able to reduce the amount of fuel used, increase the safety level while cutting congestion – although we do suspect it will also dumb down the average driver in the process. Project researchers do believe that platoons of cars could potentially travell on Europe’s roads within a decade. Good luck guys, you definitely need it! We wonder what oil companies have to say about this though.

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