When you have geeks who have way too much time on their hands and ideas just bursting from their heads, then chances are pretty good that their creativity will blow your mind away. Take the Scion xB car for instance – this brainchild project by Erik Nakamura was inspired by the classic NES, where this car is also part gaming console. After all, the Scion xB comes complete with pop door buttons which will replicate a wide range of video game sounds whenever you open it, and an actual video game cartridge will function as the key starter. Not only that, the power button which drew its inspiration from an old Nintendo button, a couple of controllers on the front seats, an equal number of projectors (one in front with the other behind) can all be used in tandem to relive those childhood moments, playing classic favourites. Sounds like the perfect car for getting stuck in prime time traffic, right? A video of this car is available in the extended post.

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