Want to go a little bit nuts the next time you decide to conjure up some chocolate milkshake in the kitchen for your guests? You certainly won’t go wrong with your sense of humor with the Talking MOO mixer, where this $20 purchase will net you what could possibly be the purchase of the year. Yes sir, this unique drinking mug has its own whisking device, so it makes sure that your chocolate milk inside will remain well blended at all times. To make things more hilarious, it will let out some moos while you blend – definitely a surefire way of making friends if it is your first day at the office, and require an icebreaker that is out of the ordinary. Coming with a lid for safe drinking, the Talking MOO mixer will be powered by a pair of AA¬†batteries. We would recommend getting rechargeables as those will definitely help you do your bit in reducing your landfill clutter each year.

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