Tegra 2 3D: LeakedOver the week-end, a slide concerning an upcoming Tegra announcement has been leaked. A Tegra 2 3D edition is apparently going to hit this quarter, and on the surface, it seems that it has been tweaked to display HD 3D content.

Tegra 2 3D runs at 1.2 GHz, which is a bit higher than the smartphone flavor currently in circulation. Given that NVIDIA will start producing it only now (“Tegra 2″ has been in production for some time), we can safely say that it just not the current Tegra 2 chip with a “simple” clock bump.

Changes have been done at the silicon level to push clock speed (by fixing the slowest path?), and probably general performance too. Tegra 2 3D might also be the “ultimate” version of Tegra 2, before Tegra 3 takes over.

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