Thermo Mirror

The folks over at NEC Avio Infrared Technologies have just released a new thermometer that can tell your temperature without you having to lay a finger on it. Say goodbye to fears of sticking a thermometer into your mouth or any other orifice in your body! Thermo Mirror SX-01 was designed to easily spot people who have a fever due to a disease such as the flu. For example, if an office is worried about the spread of flu in the building, this device can quickly and easily check the temperature of a person before they enter. If he/she has a high temperature, security can pull them aside for further investigation. All users had to do was look into the mirror, and it will automatically measure that person’s temperature using infrared thermography. Previously this was done using high-end infrared thermography devices, but they cost too much to be implemented so they weren’t widely adopted. NEC Avio decided to reduce the amount of features in the Thermo Mirror in order to bring its price down. The Thermo Mirror will cost about $1,200 – a small price to pay for the potential damage that could be done to your workforce and productivity in cases of unimpeded flu.

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