Wii and Kinect ally to bring the ultimate Call of Duty experience

Forget about playing Call of Duty with the keyboard and mouse or gamepad, those devices are so yesterday. Just fork out some money for a Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect, configure your PC to support those controllers, load up Call of Duty and you’re good to go. A geek who calls himself Demize2010 on YouTube did just that and show us how real men play Call of Duty, and man it sure is immersive. Using the Wii controllers to shoot and move about wasn’t enough for him, he modified the Kinect to allow him to lean around a corner, jump and even crouch. The only thing missing now is the pain you feel when you get hit by a bullet. Someone’s going to figure it out eventually, I can just sense it. Watch a video of the Wii and Kinect Call of Duty game in action after the break:

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