Have a splitting headache or migraine? Then you might be pleased to hear that NuPathe Inc. will finally be rolling out their migraine bustin’ Zelrix electronic transdermal patch after it just received acceptance from the US FDA. Just what is the Zelrix? This is actually an active, single-use, transdermal sumatriptan patch which intends to treat migraine when applied, offering migraine patients fast onset and sustained relief without an invasive method. All it needs is an oral administration which will certainly come as a relief for those who hate needles or side effects of nausea due to other oral migraine medications. Zelrix will run off SmartRelief, NuPathe’s proprietary transdermal delivery technology which in turn uses a mild electrical current in order to actively transport medication through the skin via a process called iontophoresis. Looking at the image on your right, even beautiful people get migraines, so you’re not alone or cursed and take heart that you’re ‘normal’.

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