ZMP RoboCar MEV can drive itself to pick you up

Who hates the exorbitant prices that we’re expected to pay when parking our cars at a shopping mall, airport or hotel? Or do you hate looking for a parking spot during lunch hour? Wish you could just drive yourself there and then send your car away to return only when you need it? Well with robot car technology, it doesn’t seem too far off. ZMP, a Japanese robot company has unveiled a new robot car – the RoboCar MEV. This one-seater vehicle contains the technology to drive itself to a specified destination. The car is powered by two 0.29kW in-wheel motors, packs a stereo camera, an inertial measurement unit, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, GPS, laser ranger finders and speed sensors. With a top speed of 60km/h, it’s fast enough to be used on regular roads. Can you picture yourself using one of these vehicles in the future? The RoboCar MEV will retail from $59,000 to $83,000 depending on the features you choose. Not exactly a viable solution if you’re on a budget, but it should pay off for itself in the long run – provided it doesn’t get into any accidents that require heavy repairs. Watch a demonstration of the RoboCar MEV driving by itself after the break:

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