Apple dense lithium cell patent could extend battery life

There is a spanking new Apple patent filing that  was published by the USPTO, which could potentially lead to a significantly longer battery life in future Apple products – just when you thought that the iPad’s battery life was already the bomb. Well, we could certainly make do with superior battery life in iPhones and MacBooks as well, alongside other hardware which come with lithium-ion or lithium-ion packs. Using a multi-step, constant-current, constant-voltage (CC-CV) will actually increase the capacity of the battery without having to suffer its physical size by a decrease. Current-day batteries require longer anodes and cathodes to draw in more current and make the battery bigger. This new technique will be able to overcome such problems by offering a higher state of charge and being overly sensitive to temperature. Apple hopes that this approach will prevent excess wear on the battery, as well as increase efficiency in the process.

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