AU Optronics says glasses free 3D will be mainstream by 2013According to AU Optronics, the advent of stereoscopic 3D in HDTVs in our living rooms is the beginning of something new and exciting, but they too think that glasses-free 3D is the way to go, touting that such technology is good enough to go mainstream in two years’ time. Surely we can’t but bat a coy eye in their direction since the company has a vested interest by making that statement – after all, they intend to ship glasses-free 3D products soon, targeting mainly IT (notebook and monitor) products for this year, and hoping that it will become mainstream technology in 1 or 2 years’ time. At CES 2011, we did see some glasses-free 3D TVs, but image quality wasn’t really that great looking (pun not intended) unless you stood directly in the center of the TV, stray to the sides and it starts looking a bit weird. Do you think glasses-free 3D will be mainstream by 2013?

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