Bring on the Thunder(storm)

Summer’s still some time away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared – which is why the Super Soaker Thunderstorm has been announced, where it will provide you with a water gun upgrade that comes in the form of a battery-powered boost. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, those are enough to deliver a continuous flow of soakage without requiring you to go through the pumping action. We aren’t too sure about this though, since pumping the Super Soaker has long been a tradition and rite of passage, that not doing so might make it feel as though something’s “missing”. On the bright side, you can spend more time aiming instead of bringing up the pressure, right? Up to 10 ounces of water can be stored in the blaster’s “magazine clip”, where each of them can hang off your belt. Out later this spring, the Thunderstorm will cost $15 while additional magazine clips are at a pretty affordable $4.

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