Chrome surpasses 10% market shareGoogle has clearly made some impressive headways with their Chrome web browser, having passed the 10% mark this year by 0.7%, which is up 0.72 points over December. It took one year for Chrome to more than double its share yet again, but we do wonder when will such growth spurts end as it reaches a plateau. After all, web browser share is a zero sum game, so the loser this time around is Microsoft’s IE who is surrendering its ground on an even faster pace, down 1.08 points to 56.0% when compared to December. Firefox on the other hand, remains the same at around 22.75% share, resting comfortably between 22-23% for the past half year. Have you made the jump to Chrome yet, or why are you still sticking to IE? Do leave some comments as we would love to hear from you.

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