Clock eats flies for breakfast in a new breed of carnivorous furniture

Who would have thought that horror stories of a house with furniture that can kill would actually come true? Of course, this is from a fly’s perspective when it comes face to face with meat-eating furniture, in particular this one fly-squashing clock. Apart from telling the time to humans, it also lets those pesky disease toting insects know that their time is up. James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau are the brains behind this digital wall clock that basically doesn’t need any batteries simply because it receives all the energy it requires from eating flies.

Apparently, it takes 8 dead flies to provide enough juice for the clock to go on for 12 days, and is currently in the prototype phase. The white belt that you see above? It is covered in honey, and operates like a standard flypaper. When flies get stuck there, it will move under and meet a blade which scrapes off insects stuck there, letting them freefall into the microbial fuel cell below. That device will then transform organic matter into electrical energy. We do wonder whether vegans would find such a piece of home furniture repulsive or simply the next best thing in going green.

A video of this unique timepiece is available after the jump.

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