Dell has just announced a new corporate tablet known as the XT3 for the masses, and at first glance, we do know that it looks butt ugly! Boasting 10-inches of viewing goodness, it is powered by Windows 7 and targets business users. Apart from the Windows ecosystem, Dell also intends to sell another 10-inch Android-powered tablet later this year. Boasting a convertible design, it can also function as a traditional notebook if you so desire, but when you want to get on with the tablet game, then all you need to do is fold the keyboard behind the display. Will corporate bigwigs start to look at the Dell XT3 as part of their next round of upgrades?

Update: Sorry about the mix up dear readers, the older image (which has since been replaced with the legit XT3) was actually the Latitude XT2 XFR, so thanks to Aholland and Bob for pointing it out. Having said that, we have a change of heart, and the XT3 certainly looks pretty slick (and sleek, of course!).

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