Digi Piggy from Cisco lacks a built in router but helps you save moneyNow this is clearly a departure from what Cisco normally offers – it has nothing to do with networking peripherals, and neither do you use it to record memories ala its Flip line of digital camcorders. No sir, the Digi-Piggy is actually a special coin collector and counter that was specially developed to help kids save. There is a digital readout located on the pig’s snout, where the Digi-Piggy is smart enough to keep track of all American coins while keeping a running total. This is perfect as a financial educational toy, while college students who need spare change for their Laundromat outings will also find it suitable. No idea on pricing, but at least we know you can start saving up for it as it arrives in Q3 later this year. A twist-off lid lets you access its treasures without having to bring out a hammer, now how about that? [Press Release]

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