Founder of plans to launch Digital Audio

Yesterday, Michael Robertson, the founder of announced that he will be launching a new online service called Digital Audio or If you know what DVR (Digital Video Recording) is, you’re halfway there – just take it to the internet, and let it record audio instead of video and you have With the service, you can select the sort of audio you would like to record – select from a whole list of available radio stations, choose the programs that you want, and just hit record. Go out, do whatever you want, and come home to listen to whatever you recorded with the convenience of doing it on your own time and on whatever device you would like to use (PC, mobile phone, tablet etc) – the recordings are stored in the cloud so all you really need is internet access. What’s great about DAR is that it will even break recordings down into segments, so you can skip songs as if you were doing it with a music player program on your computer. A great idea from the mind behind though you can probably smell the RIAA lawsuits coming his way real soon. Hit the break to check out a video of Robertson presenting his idea at the conference:

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