While Facebook has pretty much the whole world in its hands, it still doesn’t have the kids who are under the age of 13 and aren’t allowed to use Facebook. For those kids, there’s a social network called Togetherville. Designed for kids aged 10 and above, the social network allows kids to experience the joys of social networking, while being monitored by their parents – friend requests have to go through mommy and daddy, who have full control over their kids’ profiles. When kids reach 13 and decide to move on to Facebook, it’s not going to be a steep learning experience anymore. But do kids even need to be joining social networks in the first place? Either way, it looks like Togetherville is doing something right, as Disney recently bought the social network, which basically gives them an easier way to reach out to their intended audiences with their promotions and advertisements. Official Togetherville website. What do you think about young kids on social networks?

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