When you make the transition from the safety of your mother’s womb into the world, the ride can be quite a scary one, which is why it is always good to have your parents hanging around to provide you with the best forms of care and concern. The Easidream intends to facilitate such a major transition in life to calm baby down, lulling him/her into a peaceful sleep in the process through the mimicking of womb motion, sounds and lights. Heck, something tells me that even insomniacs might want to buy this just as a last resort attempt to fall asleep at night.
How does Easidream work? It will ship with a rocking platform that is located under the crib mattress, giving baby a feeling of being in the womb. As for the control unit, that will be linked through air tubing that keeps track of settings such as two different speeds, a couple of different motions and a timer. Easidream is still available in Europe only at the moment, so hopefully someone will send it Stateside sometime soon.

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