v2 electronic cigarettesAfter some new studies published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, it looks like New York might reconsider its ban on electronic cigarettes. According to the results of the research done, electronic cigarettes had a higher chance of helping ex-smokers stay off cigarettes as opposed to nicotine patches or gum. Electronic cigarettes had a success rate of 31% while the nicotine patches and gum only worked 12-18% of the time. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet why this is the case, scientists believe there is a link between satisfying the physical behavior of smoking and resulting success in quitting. This possibly means that smokers want to perform the act of smoking rather than want the drug itself – more research will need to be done on the subject. Electronic cigarettes have been controversial ever since their release, quite a number of states have decided on banning such devices on the grounds that it is just as bad as smoking. But if electronic cigarettes can replace regular cigarettes, the effects of secondhand smoke can be reduced. What do you think of electronic cigarettes? Should they be banned?

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