Google vs BingGoogle has recently gone public with allegations of Bing stealing their search results. After tolerating a long period of suspicion, Google decided to take things into their own hands. Using a carefully planned sting operation named “Bing Sting”, they managed to collect evidence that Microsoft’s search engine stole search results from Google’s most common misspelled search terms and used them for their own search results. A detailed explanation of the sting operation by Google was posted up on SearchEngineLand, and it clearly proves what Google had suspected all along. While it isn’t against the law for Bing to steal results, Amit Singhal, a software engineer at Google claims it is unfair for Bing to be piggybacking off them after all the hard work they’ve put into creating their search engine and spell correction algorithm. Microsoft has come forward saying that they do not copy Google’s results, and that their results are the product of over 1,000 different “signals” used in its search algorithm. We are a fan of competition, after all it’s what drives companies to do better than their competitors, but cheating or copying isn’t the way to go. Read up on the Bing Sting here and let us know what you think of the whole Google vs. Bing situation.

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