GreenGoose turns your life into an RPG for good health

If you’ve ever wished that your life was a role playing game, you’re going to love this. GreenGoose, a startup from San Francisco recently raised enough money to build its lifestyle tracking platform. Users who make use of this lifestyle tracking platform will have their stats measured and recorded on a base station they keep with them. Users earn points by performing healthy activities throughout the day. The points are added to their scores with the use of sensors attached to household objects such as water bottles, toothbrushes, vitamin containers and so on. The points don’t mean anything at the moment, but GreenGoose are currently looking for partners to bring benefits to the system. GreenGoose can be used by parents to encourage their kids to live healthy lifestyles – after all, earning points for finishing your glass of water sounds like a good incentive, especially if parents offer rewards to their kids for hitting a certain level. Head here for more details.

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