High-tech scanner tells you how healthy you are

Hi-tech health scannerSome folks over at the Charité-University Medicine in Berlin have developed a high-tech scanner that can tell how healthy a person is. All you have to do is point it at your skin, wait three minutes and the device will let you know your health on a scale of one to ten – ten being healthy as a horse and one being not very healthy at all. How does this work? The scanner uses a light beam shining on the subject’s skin to measure the level of anti-oxidants – the level of anti-oxidants found in the skin is a tell-tale sign of how healthy someone is, since it is affected by smoking, drinking, lack of sleep and so on. A far cry from the days where doctors would take skin samples back to the lab in order to get any readings. The scanner will have a $280 price tag when it is released, though there was no mention of when that will be or if it will make its way to our shores.

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