IASUS Stealth Bluetooth Throat Mic

In times of war, one of the most important elements of combat is stealth, and ambushes are pretty much useless if enemy soldiers are alerted of the ambusher’s presence before they attack. Throat mics were designed for such situations – allowing users to transmit messages over a distance by whispering. In addition to working with whispers, the throat mic can also work in loud environments where users don’t have to yell into a mic just to be heard over the background noise – the mic picks up sound directly from the neck and not elsewhere. Well the folks over at IASUS have just come up with a new concept design for the throat mic, this time it makes use of Bluetooth technology which means you’ll be able to hook it up to your mobile device. While you don’t have to be in a time of war to use this gadget, it will prove to be useful for talking in noisy situations i.e. if you’re a body guard in a dance club or a worker at a construction site or riding on a motorbike and you need to answer an important call. Either way, the Stealth Bluetooth Throat Mic is still a concept product for now, though more info will be provided on their website as it develops.

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