Intel shows off MeeGo tablet UI at Mobile World Congress

[MWC 2011] We caught sight of some Intel MeeGo tablet teasers a few hours ago and now Intel has unveiled the tablet, showing us a MeeGo tablet that is pretty similar to what was shown back at Computex, albeit with some improvements. Under the hood, Intel has shifted from C++ and moved to QML, which is part of the Qt language and the entire OS and the individual apps are all built on QML. What is pictured here is the MeeGo platform running on an Atom-powered ExoPC. The tablet features a live updating pane interface, which is similar to the live cards interface on webOS. The web browser is based on Chromium, though the lack of pinch-and-zoom (which should be on the way) is slightly irritating. The good news is that Intel is working to get the Swype input system running on the browser and email client, which will make text entry a lot easier. Intel is promising to bring its AppUp store to the platform, though it didn’t put a time frame on that. Intel claims that the software is still in the alpha stage, but hopefully development will move forward faster and we’ll be able to see more impressive things.

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