Scientists are one step closer to creating an invisibility cloakEver wanted a cloak like the Harry Potter uses to sneak about Hogwarts at night? Well, we’re on step closer to such technology. Since we don’t have magic, we have the brains of scientists to create such a device instead. How the invisibility cloak works is that it bends light around the object it covers. Previously, the cloak was only capable of bending microwave rays, which was pretty useless since we can’t see those rays anyway. Well now, scientists have come up with a way to cloak objects against white light and red and green laser. According to the scientists behind the experiment, there is no limit to the size of the cloak – the cloak was created using prisms with crystals measuring ¾ of an inch. Larger prisms can be created with a larger cloaked area. If that’s the case, I think we can expect to see some real stealth military action going on or novelty cloaks to turn people invisible. What would you do if you had an invisible cloak?

[image credit: Top News]

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