Microsoft Bing gets more personalMicrosoft is now serving personalized search results for users of their Bing search engine. What was only limited to a select few testers previously, is now available for everybody. The search results are being tweaked based on user’s web location, and web history. While personalization isn’t new (Google has been doing it for a while), it is a useful feature that saves people from having to type extra words just to be more specific. For example if you’re in Seattle and you search for “pizza”, Bing will give you pizza results specific to Seattle. In if you key in a phrase such as “ACS”, it will determine from your history whether you mean the “American Cancer Society” or “American Chemical Society”. While it’s not something we can’t live without, it does help save users from performing the occasional repeated search within search results when they don’t get what they want at first try. Is Bing your first choice when it comes to search engines?

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