Autonomic MMS-2

Autonomic Controls Inc has just announced the release of their cloud-based media server the Mirage Media Server (MMS-2). It is basically a server that automatically pulls music from your PC, Mac or network storage device and stores it online. Users can then use their phones or computers to access their music through 3G /4G or WiFi from anywhere in the world. This means that users with unlimited data plans won’t ever have to worry about transferring songs to their portable devices anymore whenever they’re on the go.

With music stored on the cloud, users won’t have to worry about anything happening to their music on the MMS-2 servers in the event of an accident or mishap (its small form factor allows it to be placed on places such as yachts, so you can never be too careful). The MMS-2 comes with two independent audio outputs – one 5.1 digital output to use with a main sound system such as those find in living/theatre rooms and another one for distribution to multiple rooms. It also comes with a video output for displaying metadata and photo slideshows on the HDTV.

Users control the MMS-2 on their phones with the iPad app ($49.99) or the iPhone app ($19.99), both obtainable from the iTunes App Store. With the app, users can also tune in to Sirius XM, Pandora and other radio stations, as well as make use of the music customization options available from those stations. The Mirage Media Server can be purchased from authorized dealers for $1,995. Head here for more details.

UPDATE (15/2): The Mirage Media Server actually costs $1,995 as opposed to the previously mentioned price of $19,995. My apologies for the typo.

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