Mortal KombatMortal Kombat, one of the most iconic fighting games ever released for video game consoles made a huge impact when it was debuted back in 1992 on the PC. As years passed, the game grew more popular, and as of late, it somehow was neither here nor there. The games didn’t have the impact that they first had and as it got more popular and spawned more games in the series, it somehow lost the essence of what the original games had. Well now it seems that the upcoming Mortal Kombat game that is due to be out in April will be restored to its former ESRB Mature rating. The creators of the game have decided to go all out on the fatalities this time and thanks to improvements in computer graphics, they will be taken “to an unsurpassed level of unimaginable brutality”. Sounds just about right. Who’s stoked for the next MK game?

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