New SeaMicro server sports Intel Atom N270 processors

The newest SeaMicro server is no slouch when it comes to performance thanks to the inclusion of Intel’s latest Atom N270 dual core processors. Known as the SM10000-64, it will feature a whopping 512 Atom processing cores that run at 1.66GHz each, and when they work in tandem with one another, will be able to deliver a cool 850GHz of processing power. After all, each core can run a couple of threads simultaneously, and this will go a long way in helping boost application performance. Who will fork out money for this server? Definitely not ordinary home users, but rather, data centers that handle a large volume of Internet transactions, where among them include e-mail, search and social networking services. Of course, hosting providers and cloud-based service providers might also want to look into this SeaMicro offering. Pricing starts from $148,000, where you will be able to purchase it worldwide if you’re interested.

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