2012 will be the year AMD tablets make a splashIn a report from PC magazine, the CEO of AMD, Thomas Seifert outlined the plans for the company and he clearly stated that we won’t be seeing any smartphones packing AMD processors anytime soon – they are not in the process of developing a baseband chip. Apparently the market is oversaturated with too many players at the moment and they’ll have a hard time making any money from it. However, AMD has been hard at work in the tablet sector. Tablet makers have started using AMD processors in their tablets, due to their improved 3D graphics as well as better overall performance. However, we’ll only be seeing AMD tablets in full force next year when their next generation processors more optimized for tablets will be released. Skipping smartphones and entering the tablet arena in full force late – will this be a move that AMD live to regret, or will it be a smart decision? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. What are your thoughts?

Update 2/22: post has been modified to reflect the changes in the original PC magazine article.

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