NOOKcolor pulled from stores

The hot-selling eBook reader/Android tablet from Barnes & Noble has been reportedly missing from stores. Best Buy and even at Barnes & Noble’s own online store mention that the device won’t be shipping for two weeks. With no official word or statement to why the NOOKcolor has been suddenly put on hold. NOOKcolor vendors have been speculating that Barnes & Noble are making some adjustments to the tablet in order to make it hack-proof. While we can’t say it’s true, if Barnes & Noble are doing that, they’re really shooting themselves in the foot. After all, a majority of people were buying the NOOKcolor because it could be easily hacked and turned from a basic eBook reader into a complete tablet. If Barnes & Noble does make the tablet hack-proof it will probably drive sales down for them. Granted, the initial purpose of the NOOKcolor was to be an eBook reader at first, but it’s not like the Android tablet can’t be used to read eBooks as well. Hopefully this call back of NOOKcolor tablets has nothing to do with its hackability status and something else instead. What do you think could be the case?

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