Hack Chrome and get $20k from Google (Pwn2Own)During the upcoming Pwn2Own hacking conference (March 9-11), Google will challenge hackers to break into its Chrome web browser, and reward success with a $20,000 check. In the previous edition, Internet Explorer and the iPhone, among other products, were hacked as part of a contest – while Chrome was left unhacked. It is not yet known what exactly the hackers will have to do this time, but it’s fair to say that executing non sanctioned code is the name of the game – this is called a Sandbox Escape.

While the challenge will happen only next month, you can be sure that hackers are already studying and working on potential exploits – the event itself is only a final (and public) demonstration of the skills and knowledge acquired during an extended period of time.  Because a successful hack depends largely on that time spent finding vulnerabilities, it would be wise to not directly relate the results of the contest with a level of security for the products that are targeted. Links: Pwn2Own by ZDI

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