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Qualcomm to demonstrate FlashLinq peer-to-peer wireless technology at MWC 2011

Qualcomm to demonstrate FlashLinq peer to peer wireless technology at MWC 2011Qualcomm will be making a splash at next week’s Mobile World Congress by demonstrating a new peer-to-peer wireless technology known as FlashLinq. What does FlashLinq do? For starters, it will let devices discover each other automatically and “talk”, peer-to-peer, at speeds that you will certainly grin from ear-to-ear – we’re talking about broadband levels. This technology intends to complement traditional cellular-based services, where it intends to be a platform for new types of applications. Imagine being able to discover peers autonomously up to one mile away, set up links with peers of interest without worrying about security issues while working within a higher spectrum efficiency. Qualcomm intends to work with SK Telecom as they trial FlashLinq in South Korea while exploring potential commercial uses down the road. [Press Release]

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