Sony PlayStation 3 update might give Sony backdoor access

Sony’s latest update for the PlayStation might have brought some new features to the console, disabled existing jailbreaks, and increased the console’s security. But there have been reports that the update does more than that. Apparently the update now supports the loading of remote code the moment it logs into the PlayStation Network – similar to a rootkit. This new capability of the device can allow Sony alter code and introduce new checks without having to roll out a completely new firmware upgrade. While this might seem beneficial as Sony can now easily issue updates to PS3 owners all over the world, but it also opens up a new point of entry for hackers with malicious intent – a new point of entry into PS3 systems. Whether this move is for better or worse, it’s still yet to be known but Sony have come under fire in the past for including rootkits on a selection of music CDs that exposed Windows users to hackers – which led them to annul such practices.

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