Wikipedia app for Livescribe released

Who would’ve ever thought that we’d be able to fit a computer into something the size of a pen? Well the folks at Livescribe did it, and they weren’t content with leaving it as a regular note-taker pen, and allowed the tiny computer in the device to run apps. The world’s most popular user-editable encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is now available on the pen as an app. Find a word you don’t understand, or looking for some additional information on the subject you’re writing about? All you have to do is write the word and tap it with the pen, (hope that the word you selected is in one of the 100,000 most visited Wikipedia entries) and read up more about it on the pen itself. Where were these pens back when we needed them in high school? Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the app, it is available from the Livescribe store for $1.99.

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