3DS Giving You Headaches? Take More Breaks Says Nintendo
Amidst reports of gamers experiencing headaches after using the Nintendo 3DS, not unlike those that Japanese experienced, Nintendo’s PR team is rushing out to diffuse the fire before it spreads. Nintendo UK’s PR head Rob Saunders reminds everyone that viewing 3D images will produce “minor discomfort” with “no lasting effects” and suggests anyone who experiences headaches or dizziness to take frequent breaks. If I remember correctly, almost every game instruction manual reminds players to take breaks, but who honestly does? Who even reads those anymore When you get sucked into an engrossing game, it’s easy to forget your eyeballs are feeling the strain. In addition, Saunders also plays up the inclusion of the 3D depth slider on the right side of the 3DS’s screen. Basically, he’s telling people to quit being crybabies and use the slider to turn the 3D down or completely off – it’s there for a reason. Complaints were bound to happen. Maybe that’s why the 3DS’s battery sucks – to prevent you from going blind.


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