The Japanese are often at the forefront of some really crazy stuff, and we can say that their latest effort would be having Adidas roll out a spanking new “tryvertising service” for their adizero shoes. Kutsukasu (literally known as “lend shoes”) allows you to borrow a pair of running shoes, where it will also reward you with a discount if you decide on the spot that your feet will look unbelievably good with a pair of adizero sneakers on them. You will need to foot the bill for delivery costs though (pun not intended), but you can borrow up to four pairs of shoes from 19 adizero series models without forking out an additional cent – yup, that means it is free. The lending period is a 3 days/4 nights affair, letting you feel how the shoes are before you make an actual purchase. This tryvertising service will end at the end of May, while the $17 discount works great until the end of June. Talk about letting technology move in tandem with fashion.

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