M18x on Dell support page

There have been rumors of an 18″ gaming notebook from Dell have been floating around for some time now, but there’s been nothing to offer any concrete evidence of it yet. But a link on the Dell support page seems to suggest that the laptop might be arriving in the (near?) future. On the side bar where the list of available Alienware gaming laptops is, there now is a link to the M18x. Since Dell uses the numbers in the model name to describe the size of the laptop’s screen, the M18x obviously refers to the 18″ screen of the computer. However, a click on it will send you to the M17x support page instead, and changing the 17 to an 18 in the URL brings you to an error 404 page. It’s not solid evidence to support the arrival of an 18″ Alienware laptop, but it gives some Alienware fans some hope. Let’s see if Dell releases any information soon.

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