Amazon KindleIt looks like Amazon really wants to get in on the whole app business. After launching their own Android app store, the online mega-store has been reported to have sent invitations to third party developers to port their apps over to Kindle. The creators of the Kindle are apparently looking for educational apps to boost the app collection of their own eBook reader. While it sounds like a good idea, Amazon will probably have a hard time convincing folks porting apps for them. Firstly, the Kindle runs on the Linux-based Kindle OS, which means it won’t be a quick simple repackage to get the app working on the tablet (unlike Android to QNX on the PlayBook), and secondly the hardware of the Kindle is pretty limited when compare to iOS devices. Sure it has a great battery-saving, daylight-readable E-ink display, but its slow refresh rate, and lack of color really dampens the kind of apps that will see the light of day on the reader. You won’t be seeing Infinity Blade, RAGE or Angry Birds on your Kindle anytime soon (unless of course it’s a text-based version of the game). How many of you use your Kindle for anything other than reading books anyway?

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